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At Anglo Continental we use our collective experience to help owners and shareholders buy or sell businesses. We offer a bespoke strategic review that helps you to focus on the way you want to move forward.

Anglo Continental is able to identify and facilitate the acquisition of competitors if the marketplace is fragmented or consolidation opportunities are needed. Provide exits by way of a sale or other means of releasing shareholder value and raising corporate capital where needed.

We provide company acquisition analysis, and search along with a bespoke strategy

Buyers can draw upon our extensive network and ability to source specific businesses. We discuss with our client buyer a customised consultancy strategy to mitigate the acquisition process whilst looking at the future of the enlarged business in its market place. Our extensive individual and corporate experiences enables us to target specific buyers and present a business for sale – its salient advantages & prospects in a readily understandable form.

We offer strategic advice on company/business sales & negotiation expertise

The decision to sell a business is an emotive one. There always seem to be so many hurdles; so many how do we do this or who can we talk to? Equally, how do we buy a business or is it the correct strategy and how do we finance it? If you are in a fast moving tech or media related business, you may need to consider a joint venture in a different country to expand. The sky is the limit and all questions have answers. Get in touch to find out.

We deal with corporate capital raising for acquisitions, mergers, buy-outs/buy-ins & share buy backs

Financing can be introduced in the form of equity from our own database of investors both corporate and private; leading banks in the UK and internationally can, where required, provide debt finance, private debt, mezzanine or other accommodating financial packages. Accountants, lawyers and tax experts are all tuned in to our way of working and can act for you.


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